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K1 / K2

K1 "Little Ones"

K2 "Terrific Twos"

Our K1 program allows students the opportunity to develop self-confidence. Little Ones will have opportunities to explore in a variety of activities including, blocks, dramatic play, arts, science, and manipulative plays. Students will engage in both individual and cooperative play with other students.


We use the Creative Curriculum which allows students to learn through play and prepare students for future learning experiences.

We like to call our toddlers “Terrific”; this is a time when students are more active.


Our program allows the student the opportunity to explore language, self-help, and their individual needs. Students have a variety of play areas to explore and learn, block, arts, dramatic play, mathematical thinking, language, and motor skills in both indoor and outdoor settings.


Teachers will recognize the signs when a student is ready for Potty Training and prepare a plan to assist in the process.

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